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Updated January 2008
 I have been using Amigas since 1986.
 I have nothing good to say about the current owners so instead
of rambling on about my opinion of them let me just say that I still use my Amigas
for 90% of my computer needs.
I use a PC with Winblows XP but I will be migrating to a Mac soon. Windows
is just sucky, it destroys itself every 6 months, I'm not excited about going to a MAC
but at least the OS is stable.
 I still use the amiga for many things.
 This website is made with an Amiga 3000T model
equipped with PicassoII video card, MKII 060 processor with 80megs of ram,
3.2 gigabytes of hardrive space, Delphina 16 bit soundcard, a  MultifaceIII serial card
and a Commodore 2065 network card.
The multifaceIII is in there for storage. Printing with an Amiga is not possible.
Sure you can print a letter that isn't kerned and you can maybe get a good picture
printed but if I need a business letter or a saleable print I use a PC.
I no longer use the Delphina sound card, it was junk from day one, totally useless and
a perfect example of corporate hardware piracy.
While the 3000T is my favorite Amiga I also own an Amiga 1200 and a CD32/SX-1 System.
(I sold my CD32/SX-1 system on Ebay in 2007)
The A1200 is still here but I did a job for a local college
and one of the new 1200's pcmia port didn't work so I traded them a known good one.
My 1200 does have an 040 in but if I decide to use it on a regular basis again
it will need a scsi card. I have thought about making animga gif's with it but
seeing how I do not like PPaint or ImageFX "features" I doubt it. I keep the 1200
running mainly for using Imagemaster and rendering pictures with VistaPro.

The 1200 was sold and I bought another one with working ports. I still have the 040 processor
with 32 megs of ram and I installed a 4 gb hardrive.
I haven't done much with the 1200, eventually I would liketo use it for video grabs off my
security cameras. I have a 4 port switcher and I am hoping with a digitizer (vidi 12 or PPF)
I will be able to get good scans.

Software that I use on a regular basis is TVPaint, Diskmaster II, WebDesign, 
Miami, ImageFX, Yam, AmFTP, Imagemaster, Pagestream, and Turbocalc.
Update January 2008
I no longer use the Amiga for web browsing. The browsers suck, first voyager made me upgrade
but I noticed when I got online they would know it, Ibrowse and AWeb had major defects
and one of them had a virus that just screwed the screen. I paid for all of these and 
I was a registered user so I cansay THEY SUCK! (corporate software piracy)
I am a member of Amicon. The Central Ohio Amiga User Group. I am the only member.

This page started on Infinet Systems Sept 1998.
Voyager.net then bought Infinet Systems and and later someone bought them and the service sucked
so this page was moved to Powersurge who started to suck so now it is on Acenet.
Hopefully Acenet will keep on providing great service, if not I'll move again. John Six
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