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These are links for some of the software that I use on my Amiga. They are not in any special order and there are
plenty more Amiga developers than I have listed here.

SoftLogik makes Pagestream. Simply the best Desk Top Publishing program on any platform.
It is now available for Macintosh and Window platforms.
WebDesign is the program I use to make all of my html programs. Larry McGahey is also a pretty cool dude.
Miami Simply the best TCP/IP Stack. A moron like me can set it up for a modem, ISDN, Ethernet ect in 3 minutes max.
Voyager, my favorite web browser. There are others but this one works best with my setup.
AmFTP without this little program you wouldn't be reading this page. Works flawlessly everytime.
Yam, my email program. Freeware that kicks butt.
Nova Design makers of ImageFX, a nice package which I mainly use to load non standard pictures. Lot's of features but
being a big program it takes forever to do something. If you can only have 1 graphics program this is it.

Programs I use that as far as I know are no longer supported;
TVPaint. I use version 2.02a. A latter version was released as limited freeware but 2.02 is by far the best paint program
if your using a PicassoII video card. It never crashes and is sooo fast even my 333MHZ Wintel machine can't keep up.
DMII Diskmaster II. If only windows had a file manager like this.
Transition Simple small graphic manipulation program. I use it for converting whole directories from IFF's to Jpg's and stuff. Doesn't support PNG but for IFF's, JPG's, GIF's, reducing colors, or converting to greyscale there is nothing
faster. The fact that you can do batches is what really makes this program handy.
Imagemaster R/T If you want authentic lightning strikes plus a slew of other neat effects try to find this program.
The R/T was suppose to mean it would work with graphics cards. It doesn't, but I find it much easier and quicker than
ImageFX and doesn't cost a weeks pay.

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